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Bar Beau

There’s always something special about restaurants that sweep us off our feet. We never know when its going to happen, but when it does there’s a look we give one another and that’s how we know it’s love! After two bites into our dinner at Bar Beau that connection was made. This beautifully designed space is bringing out the unique flavors in their cocktails and dishes. For dinner we ordered the scallop fritters, hanger steak, brussel sprouts, sticky rice and charcuterie. We were extremely wowed by it all,  it was hard for us to pick a favorite entree. As far as drinks go, the bartenders are mixing unique ingredients to create amazing concoctions. Our favorite was the Paisley Island, it’s by far one of the best cocktails in the city! We also stopped by for brunch over the weekend, and we’re here to report that it too was banging! There’s just nothing bad you can say about this place. Thanks Bar Beau, we’ve found our new favorite restaurant. 

bar decor at bar beau
brussel sprouts bar beau
buckwheat pancakes at bar beau
brunch spread at bar beau
Polite Provisions

Polite Provisions

The Wigwam

The Wigwam