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  • Bed-Stuy

Dining in a beautiful greenhouse on your to-do list? Not to worry, Kleinberg’s has got you covered! This stunning restaurant is doing everything from natural wines, to spirit forward cocktails, to tasty bites. While the menu is a bit on the smaller side, it leaves you with enough options to satisfy your hunger. We devoured our entrees in minutes. The kleinburger and con con with shrimp are a few dishes we highly recommended.

One thing that we couldn’t stop raving about was the Strawberry Margarita. It was one of the best we’ve ever had, with the fresh strawberries making all of the difference. We should also mention the music was a great mix of R&B that definitely took us back to the 90’s. The overall vibes and service at Kleinberg’s will keep us coming back for more, we’re so happy we came across this place. 

cocktail at kleinbergs
interiors of kleinsberg
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