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Montana Trail House

montana trail house bushwick brooklyn

Okay so there's two things you should know before continuing to read this post 1.) Montanas Trail House is a phenomal restaurant with phenomal service 2.) As of yesterday we moved down the street from them, and couldn't be more excited. 

montana trail house bar seating interior

Now that we've gotten that out of the way let's get down to the nitty gritty! This restaurant is doing it right. The cocktails are A1 and the food will fill all of your senses

montana trail house interior

We ordered the fried chicken (they came out with scallion pancakes..HEAVEN), shrimp ceviche, bone marrow, cheese grits, and shishito peppers. Now we know that's a lot of food,but please don't judge us. We were just so indecisive and wanted to try it all. Every item/entree had our mouths watering and we just couldn't stop stuffing our faces. It was love at first bite. Corny? Yes, but so true. 

montana trail house bar

We're so happy that we've discovered this place and now that we are right down the street, something tells us this will be our Neighborhood favorite. 

montana trail house spread bone marrow

Also, not pictured was an amazing desert that was devoured within seconds.

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