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Nisolo Travel Collection on film

nisolo travel collection leather bags.gif

Last week we traveled to the Island of Bermuda and had the pleasure of taking the Nisolo Travel collection with us. We were only there for 3 nights so the back pack and weekender made for the perfect fit. Check out the photos below.

Disclaimer : These bags look great in photos,  but even better in person. The durability and quality of the vegetable tanned leather make these beauties one in a million.

rosewood tuckers point bermuda kodak portra 160
bermuda nisolo leon weekender
rosewood tuckers point bermuda kodak portra 160
bermuda beach nisolo backpack
bermuda tuckers point beach club
bermuda beach kodap portra 160
bermuda tuckers point beach club portra 160
nisolo leon weekender

Shop the Leon Weekender.

pool bermuda rosewood tucker point
tuckers point beach club infinity pool
poolside nisolo leon weekender
pool nisolo leather backpack
bermuda bus stop nisolo leon weekender
hamilton bermuda front street kodak portra 400
bermuda st george stride by nisolo leather backpack
bermuda door nisolo leather backpack
exploring bermuda nisolo leather backpack
nisolo cordoba backpack
bermuda exploring kodak portra 160
pool nisolo leon weekender

Montana Trail House

Bermuda on Film