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West Coast Roadtrip w/ E-Z Rent-A-Car


Beep! Beep! Who got the keys to Jeep!....Vrooommm.

We partnered with E-Z Rent-A-Car for the ultimate road trip experience as we traveled up and down Highway 1. Truth be told, I've always fancied Jeep Wranglers. I find them sexy, in a man's man, woman's man kind of way.  When I discovered that E-Z Rent-A-Car had some available, I jumped at the chance to ride down the coast in style. We were going back and forth between the Jeep or the Volkswagen convertible beetle not to mention an amazing selection of other vehicles, I just knew we weren't looking anywhere else. It's not everyday you get to rent such a stylish ride. The ultimate road trip + the ultimate rental. Let's go:


First Stop : Mount Tamalpais

"We arrived for sunrise at Mount Tamalpais only to find out the gates didn't open until 7am. The wait was so worth it once we were finally in. The way the roads curved through the mountains and overlooked the clouds was a unforgettable moment." 


2nd Stop: Big Sur

If you have never been to Big Sur then we highly reccomend that you put this at the very top of your vacation list. As you arrive into Big Sur and your cell service disappears, you are forced to completely focus on its beauty. We spent the entire day pulling over and taking pictures.

Pro Tip: Rent a car that will allow you let the top down and feel the breeze.



3rd Stop : Kirkwood Creek Campground

We went camping for the first time and the view wasn't so bad.


4th Stop : The Redwoods


We had a long road ahead of us as we were on our way from Big Sur to Portland, but we knew this trip wouldn't be complete without a stop in the Redwoods. We knew it was worth every minute, even though we didn't make it to Portland until 3am.


As, we were leaving the Redwoods we were pleasantly surprised by a family of Wild Elk.


Final stop: Rowena Crest.

Rowena Crest is about an hour and a half outside of Portland. We grabbed some donuts and were off to see the coolest curve in all the land. 


We were constantly on the move this trip and couldn't of done it without E-Z Rent-A-Car. Thanks guys for the best roast trip ever!


- R'el


Alex Crane