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Okay now, we know a thing or two about tacos..some would even consider us taco connoisseurs 😏. So when we sat down at Lolo we were revved up and ready to try out "some of the best tacos" in San Francisco and boy oh boy were they good. We started out ordering a few cocktails, which we quickly knocked back 1) because "cheers to San Francisco" 2) because "holy crap, this is such a good drink".  For dinner we made sure to sample the menu and ordered a few of the highly recommended items. Everything was so fresh and flavorful, but the taco tropical knocked it out of the park for us. We literally oooohed and ahhhed with every bite, it's as if we were making love to this thing. For that reason alone is why we'll be returning to Lolo every chance we get... well, that and the staff. They're pretty damn awesome! 


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