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Silent G Farms

Have you ever just stepped into a place and thought, "Wow this feels like home?". Not because of the exquisite interiors, (we wish our home looked like this) but just because it's so welcoming and cozy? No?? Yes?? Well that's exactly how we felt about our stay at Silent G Farms. The 20 acre property boost a farm house, guest house, sauna, pond, and even a recording studio located in the barn.  


We stayed in the renovated guest house, which use to be a one room school house (How cool is that?). We found it perfect for just us two, and very romantic as well. 


The wood stove is perfect for snuggling up, and hanging out by. We took full advantage of the hot tub (That thing is heaven sent)!!!


One of the best parts of our time at Silent G was hanging out with the owners, Elizabeth & JB in the farm house, which also can be rented on Airbnb.  

The view from the porch is breathtaking.

The view from the porch is breathtaking.

This place has so much charm. The rooms are beautiful and have natural light pouring in every room. Everything from the kitchen to the porch had us smitten.


Creatives this gem is especially for you, with so much tranquility and inspiration it makes for the perfect place to zen out and focus on your craft. So go and make your way on over to Silent G, we promise you wont be sorry.

The Heron

The Heron

Brushland Eating House

Brushland Eating House