Spruceton Inn


In this day & age where we are constantly on our phones or immersed in the latest gossip, we need to be able to detach and getaway from our day to day lives, if only for a bit. Spruceton Inn is the perfect place to relax, unwind, and just focus on the simple pleasures in life and that's exactly what we did during our visit.

 stunning view from our room

stunning view from our room

After a chaotic morning filled with rental car issues and lots of traffic we pulled up to the 9 room Inn and we're thrilled to have finally arrived. We lost all cell phone reception and had limited wifi use so it felt like we were off the map which is something we very much enjoy.


We loved the clean and minimal design of the room.  It even had a kitchenette equipped with pots, pans, olive oil, and a Hario V60 Coffee Pour over.


We stopped by the bar, where we grabbed a couple of beers and supplies for the night's festivities.


And hung out on the grounds of the inn where they have fire pits, grills, a swing and a pond. 

 Trail leading to the pond  

Trail leading to the pond  


Our stay at Spruceton was the perfect escape from the city and we can't wait to go back.