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Heinle Hideout

Heinle Hideout

  • Swan Lake, NY

  • https://redcottageinc.com/heinlehideout

A true hideout, indeed! Heinle Hideout sends you down a winding gravel road that has you second guessing if you’re going the right way. Suddenly, it opens up and you realize you have arrived to this tucked away oasis. We pulled up to the driveway, walked through the mud room, dropped our bags and felt instantly at home. The design of this house is equally beautiful and functional, with cool features like the sauna in the master bedroom, or the tucked away room when you walk up the stairs that requires a climbing ladder to get in. (Made us feel like kids again). Other fun highlights were the jacuzzi, a dedicated ping pong room or beer pong (take your pick) and cozy swings. Typically, we have a favorite room in any given house but Heinle had so much to offer that we couldn’t just pick one. From the beautiful dining room that gets an abundance of sunlight, to the perfect kitchen that opens up to the living room, to the fire pit that overlooks the 13 acres of land. This home is simply unforgettable and a must stay if you’re heading to upstate NY.

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sauna at heinle hideout
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heinle hideout
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dining room heinle hideout
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red cottage
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exterior heinle hideout
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