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 This restaurant is such a gem! Locally sourced ingredients, free range + antibiotic free meat & eggs, and all things organic. You know that you are doing your body some good by eating here! I don't know about y'all but I'm trying to live a long fruitful life so I'm all about watching what I put into my body. And let me tell you, the food at this place doesn't disappoint. 




After a brutal morning in the gym I decided I didn't want to work off any more cheat meals for the day so I ordered the Kale and Bean stew. Marcus had the fish tacos and we both agreed this meal wouldn't be complete without the herb-garlic fries. Everything was great and extremely light, and our server had the sweetest energy about her.  



We sat outside on the patio but I highly recommend sitting in the garden. It has the perfect rustic charm about it. 



By the way, how handsome does my hunny look?  ☺️



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