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 "Tickets for Chicago have been booked". That's the text I got from Marcus while on set one day. He likes to frequent theflightdeal.com and ended up finding us round trip tickets for $90 each. I replied "dope" and began scouring foursquare for the best restaurants in the chi.


Homestead on the Rooftop


We stayed in an air bnb for the first night in East Ukrainian village. It was a writer's/creative's dream. No TV, and tons of books to sit back and escape. The only rule the owner really left us was to "smoke lots of weed" and he even left a little green token of love for us. In the neighborhood we quickly came across Homestead on the Roof. It's a farm to table restaurant and it has a garden rooftop. What more could you ask for? I'll tell you what! Bomb ass scallops and muscles, won't he do it!!! 



Doughnut Vault


I'm a donut connoisseur! Seriously I can eat that sweet fried dough all day everyday. No shame.(holy yeast infection). We make it a point to find the best donuts in every city we visit and donut vault did not disappoint. Word of advise..get there early, there's bound to be a line and once they sell out they are done. Leaving you and the other customers awaiting to walk away in shambles.

Cindy's Rooftop


Cindy's Rooftop is one of my favorite places in Chicago. We decided to head over and grab a drink (or two, or three) after running around the city and soaking up some culture. It's a super swanky bar but its not a stuffy vibe. They have well-crafted cocktails and an amazing bar program. This spot is super trendy and has a really cool elegant decor. We hung out with the bartender and the bar manager,  Nandini Khaund, and they were super cool peeps. We would recommend this place to anyone and itsone of the best views of Millennium Park

Freehand Hotel


The Freehand hotel is one the coolest hotels in the country. I am a huge fan of rustic, coolboutiques and this one tops the list. It has a similar aesthetic to an Ace Hotel with an awesome coffee shop in the lobby that has some amazing coffee. The lounge in the lobby is called the Broken Shaker and it is legit one of the cool spots places to kick it in Chicago. They have a dope Mezcal collection and some really interesting bar food. They play cool 90s Hip-Hop and the vibe is very chill. My one tip is, make sure you select a hotel room and not the hostile when you book.



Davis Street Espresso